2013 was an important year for us because it was, of course, the year we began as The Stripes! In the last couple months of 2013, we produced 24 articles, ranging in topic from Asian American Studies to multiracial identity to societal fear of black males.
In case you missed any of the great pieces from our debut year, we the editors have put together a list of our favorite pieces from 2013. Be sure to check them out and engage with the topics in the comments section, or in your regular conversation. We hope to hear from more of you in this year of 2014!

Editors’ Picks:

Essays on Roller Coasters – David Chen

Three Point Two Percent – Achille Tenkiang

Black Hair Politics: Dante De Blasio, Barack Obama, and the Connotations of a ‘Fro – Aisha Oxley

Scandalous: Interracial Dating in College – Gloria Kantungire

Remembering Mandela: The Struggle for his Legacy – Mason Herson-Hord

Sass Mouth: The Bastardization of a Black Woman – Morgan Jerkins