Meet The Staff

Our core staff consists of current undergraduates at Princeton University. The Stripes’ team comes from a variety of diverse backgrounds and ideologies. We have a group of dedicated writers, editors, and managers, though our roles often overlap. If you are interested in writing for or helping with The Stripes, feel free to contact us.

Executive Board

Content Team


Leezet Matos                                 Nazifa Chowdhury

Julie Chen                                       Amanda Haye

Danielle Taylor                              Sergio Cruz

Janelle Spence                               Malachi Byrd

Kathryn Dantzlerward                 Rebecca Ngu

Vayne Ong                                     Lauren Johnson


Youri Lee                                        Nora Schultz

Amina Simon

Design & Layout Team

Florence Odigie                            Zyanne Clay-Hubbard