Who We Are

Mission Statement

The Stripes is an online and print publication that explores cultural and political discourse through a lens of intersecting identities. By providing a platform for traditionally underrepresented voices within the Princeton community to reflect on personal experiences, perceptions, and minority identity, The Stripes celebrates the diversity, individualism, and multiculturalism that allows our community to thrive. We hope that our work encourages meaningful and provocative conversations that will ultimately help make our community a more conscientious and inclusive space for all.

Vision Statement

The Stripes aims to highlight issues surrounding race, culture, and identity in a way that celebrates all forms of diversity.  We hope that by providing a space for critical reflection on issues plaguing marginalized groups, individuals are  better informed, more willing to engage in intellectual conversations surrounding these issues, and inspired to take meaningful action to changes  these realities. Ultimately, we hope to extend the presence of The Stripes to all of the Ivy League Schools in order to prompt Inter-Ivy conversations on race, identity and culture through the lens of minority identity.