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A couple weeks ago, a friend showed me a video made by Sy Stokes, an undergraduate student at UCLA. In his video, Stokes voices his concerns about the scarcity of black male undergraduates at UCLA.  The three-minute long video rifles through some jaw-dropping enrollment statistics, the most shocking of them being that UCLA has more NCAA championships than black male freshman; black male freshmen compose only 3.3% of the undergraduate student body.  After watching the video, I wondered how Princeton’s enrollment statistics for black male undergraduates would compare.  So after dinner one night, I sat down with a couple friends and counted the number of black male undergraduates at Princeton (yes, I actually did this).  The results were shocking. We counted a total of 169 students: 48 freshman, 42 sophomores, 44 juniors, and 35 seniors.  169 out of a 5,222 student body, a measly 3.2%. Continue reading