This February, our country’s celebration of Black History Month will be especially poignant. Over the past few months, in cities across the nation, and even here in Princeton, New Jersey, we have seen Black history and American history unfolding in both challenging and powerful ways.

Our student body fought a pervasive culture of silence and instead directly engaged the issues gripping our society. Our campus witnessed historic demonstrations of community sympathy and solidarity in the wake of extrajudicial killings of Black citizens. We only hope that this passion can continue, and we hope that this month can serve as a time for reflection over the long, unfinished journey of race relations in our country’s history.

This month, The Stripes will continue to devote attention to the stories of Blacks and other minorities through shared essays and articles. Now, more than ever, it is crucial that we continue the momentum by making our voices heard by furthering the documentation of Black History as we live it. Anyone is welcome to submit articles for our Black History Month series. There are also many, many events taking place around Princeton University’s campus this month, and we highly encourage the student body to participate. Below we have attached a flyer from the Black History Month Planning Committee, which lists dozens of events.

On behalf of The Stripes, Happy Black History Month!

Kovey Coles
Emily Tu
Editors-in-Chief of The Stripes

BHM 2015 Completed Flyer-2-page-001