Dear readers and supporters of The Stripes,

On behalf of The Stripes team, we want to thank you for the support, readership, and engagement that helped make this a successful inaugural year for The Stripes. Since we officially began in November 2013, The Stripes has published over 50 articles on issues of race and culture in our society, as they intersect with topics of love, literature, politics, language, and education, to name a few.

Now as we enter the summer months and our team of students dissipates across the country and the world, our publications will momentarily slow until the academic calendar resumes and we return to campus again in the fall. Nonetheless, we aim to maintain conversation on important current events, and will continue to share relevant and insightful information through our Facebook and Twitter social media accounts. As always, we appreciate your input and communication, and we hope that readers will continue to engage these topics by sharing your opinions in the comments section or by notifying us of important issues that deserve coverage.

We are looking forward to bigger and better projects as well as improvements in our second year of publication. For current and incoming Princeton students looking to get involved in The Stripes next year, please contact us at thestripesblog@gmail.com. We’d love to have you.


Kovey Coles
Aisha Oxley
Emily Tu