Last week, the Stripes covered the Black History Month Closing Gala, which closed out a month of BHM programming with one final celebration. We sat down with a few attendees to hear their thoughts on BHM, recent engagement efforts in the black community, and the road ahead.

While the wintry night was frigid, the 2014 Black History Month Closing Gala held at Princeton University’s Carl A. Fields Center was filled with warmth and spirit. Closing out a memorable month filled with events centered on the theme of Engagement, the gala celebrated the successes of the past month and reminded attendees that the motivations behind Black History month aren’t remembered for only one month of the year, but exist on a day-to-day basis.

February’s events included a talk by Princeton Professor Imani Perry and Tim Wise on white privilege, as well as an intercultural Soul Food Shabbat event that encouraged dialogue between Black and Jewish communities. “Throwback Thursdays” featured episodes of Fresh Prince and Scandal, while discussions moderated by students on topics such as “Black Love” and “50 Shades of Black: A Discussion on Black Identity” were held. The Stripes also hosted a dialogue entitled “Young, Black, and Dangerous” on representation of black youth in the media.

The gala – held in the Carl A. Fields center – continued the month’s focus on Engagement. The night’s guest speaker was Dante Barry, Vice President of Membership and Engagement for Million Hoodies, an organization that fights against racial profiling and senseless gun violence. Barry reminded students that they must disrupt the policies and institutions against marginalized peoples through collective action, ideas, and liberation. Attendees were serenaded by various student a cappella groups and a live jazz band. Kujegi Camara ‘16 delivered a powerful poem on blackness. Overall, the gala was a night of celebration and reflection; this is only the beginning of more engagement in broader communities on campus.


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Aisha Oxley

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