Welcome To The Stripes

You could consider the Stripes a ‘new’ race and culture blog/publication created by students at Princeton University. But actually, whispers of The Stripes began on campus much earlier in this year, found in writing like this article, published in Princeton’s daily student newspaper in May. Written by one of our current Editors-in-Chief, the article laid down the argument for a campus publication like The Stripes; it was a call to action for the community to address the undeniable issues related to race, culture, minority identity and the intersection of these topics on our campus and in this country. Princeton’s motto is “In the nation’s service,” yet we believe that we would be doing this nation a disservice by ignoring its persistent racial, social, and cultural challenges.

While the impetus and the drive were present since the beginning of this year, the resources and organization necessary to make The Stripes didn’t come until fall of this year. Now, however, with a growing team of dedicated and inspired writers, editors, and designers, the many underrepresented stripes of the Princeton tiger finally have their voice. We are encouraging a discourse, both necessary and new, on the cultural issues our generation face.

The pieces we publish are not intended to resolve questions definitively, but to inspire thinking and discussion on these topics. Indeed, the best situation we could hope for would be if readers engaged our articles through debate and commentary. So if an important issue has ignited all your racial angst and you have been scouring campus for the place to unleash your voice in a dedicated publication, look no further.  We’re here now and we’re rolling out this digital press for you to make your voice heard – whomever you are and whatever you have to say.

Thanks for reading,
Kovey Coles & Aisha Oxley
Editors-in-Chief of The Stripes

This post was the original opening Letter from the Editors for The Stripes blog, dated 11/04/2013.